Guest Post: Top 5 Photography Tips


I’m so excited to have my very first guest post from my friend, Cecily Telford.

I first saw Cecily’s photos when she posted them on Facebook a few months back and I was completely blown away. She. Is. Amazing! The craziest part is that she’s only taken a beginner’s photography class and she’s producing photos that look like they came straight out of National Geographic. Seriously. Take a look yourself. They’re amazing. If you ever need pictures taken while in Missouri, contact her.

The best part? She’s sharing her top 5 photography tips so that you can use them when you take photos on Valentines Day.


“My name is Cecily Telford and my hobby is photography. I always have some sort of camera glued to my hands. Photography is a great pastime to have because it helps you capture memories that will last a lifetime. You don’t need to be a professional to get incredible results. The following are my tips for anyone who is interested in photography. The most important thing though is to always be up for an adventure and have an open mind to photograph anything.”

photography tips

1.) Always take a camera with you everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have a camera phone or a DSLR camera. Just be sure to keep one with you because inspiration can strike at anytime.


2.) Before deleting a “boring” photo, try changing it to black and white. You may be very surprised to find that a photo you didn’t like before, suddenly becomes your favorite.


3.) Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal. From ice crystals to bugs, the world is full of intricate details.


4.) Find beauty in everyday objects. Think outside the box and always take photos from several different angles. Make frequent trips outdoors because nature always gives you something new to shoot.


5.) Never give up on trying to get a perfect photo. Be patient if your first photos don’t turn out like you want them too. It’s important to think about the techniques like composition, but don’t get so wrapped up in it that you lose your passion for photography.


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