DIY: Easy Easter Tree



I absolutely love Springtime! Winter weather has finally left, temperatures are starting to warm up, and flowers are beginning to blossom. Easter seems to be the first benchmark of Spring. While in the craft store looking for Easter decorations, I found this gorgeous egg tree. Of course, I instantly fell in love.


But when looking at the price tag on their pre-lit trees, I was discouraged. Just the trees alone, without the eggs, bow, planters or other embellishments were $20. I decided to make my own version for $7. This project only took me about 30 minutes and was super fun.

All the materials that I bought were 50% off for the season. I spent $7.93 and saved $6.45. Below are all the materials that it took to make this project.

unnamed-2To start I glued the two “trees” together to make the final project look fuller.


Then I need something to keep them in the middle of the pot. While the easiest option would be to buy a piece of styrofoam and stick the trees into that, I wanted a cheaper option. I took some index cards I had on hand and used them as a filler.

unnamed-6If you’ll notice from the first photo, I bought two bunches of the moss/ grass filler. If I wanted the moss to look more natural and spread out instead of clumped together. So I pulled the grass apart and hot glued it to the index cards.


Next, I took the cute little robin’s eggs and made ornaments out of them.


To give them a little sparkle I placed them on parchment paper, sprayed them with spray adhesive and sprinkled glitter on top of them. The kind I chose just made them iradescent. If you want them more brightly colored you can use different colors of sparkles on different eggs.


To make them into ornaments I cut a piece of white thread into an inch long strip. Then, make a loop in the thread and hot glue it to the tops of the eggs.


After hanging the eggs on the tree, I finished it off by putting a purple bow around the plater. It turned out adorable.


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