DIY: Perfume Holder


Perfume Holder DIY 2

Let’s talk about something that’s almost completely non-exsistant when living in an apartment- storage space! And the bathroom is seems to be the area of the home that is the most guilty of this crime in our apartment.

Being a girl, I have a ton of bathroom supplies. From hair care products to toiletry bags for trips, and medicines to my husband’s razors it’s hard to find the space that we need in our tiny 5’x5′ bathroom with only one under sink storage area. So, to help provide more space, we purchased an over-the-toilet shelving unit. It’s not the most attractive thing, but it has most certainly helped out in the storage department. In an effort to make it more attractive and to girl up the space, I decided to create an unique perfume holder. since our over-the-toilet shelves aren’t solid wood, sometimes items fall through the cracks. When storing glass perfume bottles, I knew it was important to create a holder that would create a flat surface that small things couldn’t fall through. working with a small budget as usual, I made one that was completely free. Very happy with how it turned out.Bathroom Storage DIY

You can make this perfume holder out of materials that you currently have in your home. No need to buy anything! And better yet, it should only take 10 minutes to make. This storage solution is perfect for anyone who wants jazz up a space without much work.

Bathroom Storage DIY Perfume Holder DIY

First, I just picked up a small box that was laying around our house, ready to be thrown out and cut off all the side and just left the bottom. I tried making it into a serving platter with the sides and minus the top at first, but that didn’t turn out looking as pretty. Then, taking some handy chevron craft paper I had laying around, I wrapped the cardboard like a present and hot glued down the edges.

Bathroom Storage Steps

Next, I simply arranged my glass jars and perfume bottles on the holder so they looked adorable and put some cute hand towels beside it. I love this perfume holder because it both looks great and is functional.

Bathroom Storage DIY Perfume Holder



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