Recipe: Brown Sugar and Bourbon Grilled Chicken Salad

Brown Sugar and Bourbon Grilled Chicken Salad

Last month I was visiting my parents in Missouri.

And before you think I’m some type of 20-something-freeloader, let me just tell you that I live 5,000 miles away from my parents and the last time I saw them was Christmas. It’s really sad because I miss them every day. Okay time to stop being emotional….

My mother is the BEST cook in the entire world. I know, everyone thinks that their mom is the best cook in the entire world, but seriously, my mom is AMAZING! With that being said, one of my most favorite things to do when at home, (other than seeing family and friends) is just eating my mom’s food with the entire family. But even more than that, I like when my mom cooks something just for me. There’s so much love in everything she makes! Luckily for me, she did just that one night while I was visiting. I kid you not, it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted. Ever.

Because all of you are like my extended family, I decided to share with you this delicious and healthy recipe straight from my mother’s kitchen.

Mamma D’s Brown Sugar and Bourbon Grilled Chicken Salad

(makes 2 hungry man meals, or, 4 normal people portions)


2 cubed and cut chicken breasts

1 package of Grill Mate rub in “brown sugar and bourbon” flavor

1/2 cup freshly shaved parmesan cheese

6 cups fresh lettuce

1 cup chopped baby carrots

1 1/2 cups croutons

Olive Garden Light Italian Dressing


1. Marinate the Chicken in the Brown Sugar and Bourbon Grill Mate mix for at least 24 hours.

2. Grill or cook the chicken completely.

3. Toss everything else together until the lettuce is lightly covered with dressing.

4. It’s that easy! Enjoy!

Grilled Chicken Salad

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