DIY: Fourth of July Nails

Fourth of July Nails 1

This design looks very difficult, but I guarantee you that’s it’s completely do-able with the help of some awesome nail art tools.

First: Paint your pinky, ring, and middle fingers a base coat of white on both hands.

Second: Paint your index finger and thumb a base blue color. The blue I used is from Julep, and called “Jeanne.” Their polish is a little pricey, but I’ve been very happy with the quality! Their polishes are rich in color, dry quickly, and don’t chip or peel for about 10 days.

Fourth of July Nails Tutorial

Third: This is where the real magic happens! To create the designs, I use a nail stamper kit. I bought mine on Amazon for about $3. (So affordable!) The template I used for this design has both stars and strips. To use, simply draw a line of with the polish by the design you want to use. Then use the scraper to evenly disperse the polish. Next, transfer the polish to the stamp, and then from the stamp to the nail.

Easy Fourth of July Nails Tutorial

Side note: It does take a few tries to get used to using the nail stamper. Don’t give up!

Fourth: Finish off with a clear top coat.


Love this look? Going to try it yourself? Tweet or Instagram your look with the hashtag, #DIYMadeSimple and tag me @StephanieHyde6 (Twitter) and @stephanie_hansonhyde (Instagram).


Enjoy your Fourth of July festivities!


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