DIY: Rustic Necklace Holder For Free

DIY Rustic Necklace Holder

Yes, you are reading the title right. You can make this adorable necklace holder for FREE, just like I did. It’s super simple, and will only take about 2 minutes to put together. The longest step is just hanging your necklaces on it.

Last week, one of my best friends came over for a girls’ day. It was her first time trying out the 3D fiber lashes by Younique  and so I was giving her some tips on the best way to do so after my experience with them. After talking with her, we decided to check out an adorable (and pricey) new home decor and clothing store in town. Looking around, they had so many gorgeous pieces for the home! One piece really caught my eye, they weren’t even selling it, but they should have because it was beautiful! It was these white branches arranged in vase and that they had hung all their necklaces on they were selling. Honestly, it was my favorite piece in the store. I don’t know why they weren’t selling tons like it, I’m sure if they had been they wouldn’t have been able to keep them in stock. However, after seeing the necklace holder, the DIYer in me knew that I could do something similar for cheap.

Early yesterday morning I drove around town looking for tree branches that had fallen down and would be strong enough to hold the weight of my statement necklaces. After driving by two different parks with no luck and about to give up, I saw a pile of brush and tree branches that a company had cut down and it was laying behind their building. Suddenly, I pulled off the road began digging through the pile to find the perfect pieces. I’m sure anyone who was driving by that busy road probably thought I was crazy, but  you got to do crazy things sometimes for home improvement projects!

Once I got the branches and broke them off into pieces shorter than a foot, I simply arranged them in a flower vase that I had handy at my house. To ensure that the branches didn’t move around, I simply put a little bit of foam padding around the inside of the vase.

Next, I placed all my necklaces on the branches in various spots. What I love the most about this piece is that it allows me to hang even my longest necklaces without them getting tangled. I also love how I now get to show off all my different statement necklaces as a decoration.


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