How To: Mermaid Inspired Curls With Braided Crown

*** This style earned second place in the NuMe affiliates challenge*****

Summer time makes me think of barbecues and swimming. Naturally, swimming makes me think of mermaids. Because honestly, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?? I know I want to be one! Here’s a hair tutorial to bring out the mermaid in you.

How To Get Mermaid Curls

First, I straightened my hair before curling to get a loose curl, much like a mermaid would have. Next, I used my pearl wand from NuMe to make these beautiful and loose curls. To create a loose waved look, I wrapped the hair around the curling wand for 12 seconds and then released the curl.

To create the headband braid around the front I took two small sections of hair on each side of my head above my ears. I simply braided the pieces individually and then bobby pinned them down on the opposite side. By spraying my hair with hairspray after the look way completed I ensured the longevity of the curls.

Here’s the completed look! It’s a really simple curl that is great for every day wear or a night on the town.




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