How To: $3 Nail Polish Holder

Lately, I’ve looked all over for an acrylic nail polish holder, exactly like the ones that they have at beauty salons. After looking all over the web I came up with a few conclusions.

1) They were going to cost me $50+ for shipping and the cost of the piece.

2) Being made of acrylic, there’s no guarantee that it wouldn’t get cracked from shipping.

3) I’d have to give up my deposit on my apartment upon departure because of the giant holes in the walls wherever I decided to place it.

After thinking about buying a rack more fervently, I decided that it probably wasn’t the best choice, and that I could just make my own. I started watching Youtube videos and reading tutorials. However, a lot of the nail polish racks were really bulky and would take up a lot of space. (Not something you want with a tiny apartment). So I made up my own directions and was really happy with the final piece! Both of the nail polish racks together, only cost me $1 to make because I had a lot of left over crafting supplies from other projects. But if you are buying everything and don’t have anything to work with, I think it would only cost about $3 to make it.

Supplies You Will Need

Scissors or box cutter

1 large piece of foam poster board

Hot glue gun and glue

Washabi tape or decorative paper for decoration

Embellishments (optional)


First, you need to buy a foam poster board. I bought mine at the dollar store and its measurements were about 3′ x 2′. Next, decide how much room you will need for all your nail polish. The measurements I used are below. I really like the look of having one row of nail polish in a row so I can easily see all the colors. However, the measurements that I will include allow you to double stack the polishes if you would like.

measurements of nail polish holder

Taking a ruler, I made a straight line where I wanted to cut.

*****Here’s a tip for working with foam poster board: Don’t try to cut across it with scissors like you would regular paper. It will bend the outside paper and is very difficult. Use a box cutter to cut a straight line or open scissors and use them to cut a straight line.*********

(insert photo of scissors, ruler, and poster board)

Here’s what your pieces should look like after they are cut.

diy nail polish holder

With a hot glue gun, glue the pieces into place. (See the picture above to know which pieces are the front, back, sides, and bottom) This is what your nail polish station will look like after it has been glued together.

nail polish holder

The easiest way to decorate the nail polish station is with washabi tape. Washabi tape is tape with a decoration on it. (To see other projects I have done with washabi tape, click here.) For one of my nail polish stations, I choose this black and white polka dot washabi tape. I simply cut a piece to size and pressed it on the back. I continued doing this until the entire back of the nail polish station was covered. I also covered the tops of the front and side piece, just to give it a more finished look. To complete the station, I added a little frame that I got frame from hobby hobby and a label I created.

diy nail polish station

For the chevron polish station, I hot glued decorative paper to the front back pieces. If you are planning on using paper instead of washabi tape, do this before you hot glue the side pieces on. It makes it easier to reach around and custom fit the paper.

diy nail polish station

I use the polka dot polish station for summer colors and the chevron station for fall colors. They look so cute behind my new desk in my office.

Easy to Make Nail Polish Station

Which polish station do you like best? Tell me in the comments below.



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