Cocoa Brown Tan Review

self tanner

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Back in high school, I used to be all about going to tanning beds. However, a few years ago, I found out that I had some precancerous moles and everything changed. I started using sunscreen and never went back to a tanning bed. Since then I’ve been on the search for the perfect self tanner, and I think I found that in Cocoa Brown Tan.

In the past I’ve used lotion and spray on self tanners. Every time I found that certain areas get super dark and the product doesn’t get evenly dispersed. What’s more, the the smell of most self tanners is disgusting and they wash off super splotchy.

1 hour tan

Applying Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan was super easy. It’s a mouse, so it evenly glides across your skin and it easier to control the ratio than with a regular lotion. When applying it, I used Cocoa Brown’s Pink Tanning Mitt. It didn’t seem very thick and I was worried that all the product that I pumped on the mitt would transfer onto my hand, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. Using the mitt made it easy   to get an even amount all over my body and didn’t make my hands extra dark. (like most lotions do) Unlike most tanners, the tanning mouse didn’t smell bad! It smelled clean like a body wash.


With the 1 hour tan you are supposed to leave it on for up to 3 hours for the darkest tan. Every time I applied mine I left it on over night and washed it off in the shower. I wasn’t happy to find that it transferred onto my sheets in the morning. However, all the color came out when I washed my sheets.

After showering, the tan looked very natural and I didn’t find any dark spots or uneven areas. My tan lasted about 3 days at most, which is less than most of the other self tanners that I’ve tried. The color came off so gradually and entirely, that I didn’t have any trouble with uneven areas on my body.


Cocoa Brown also sent me their Chocolate Whip to try out. This is a moisturizer that you are supposed to apply before and after self tanning. I didn’t notice a very big difference when applying the tan with the Chocolate Whip and then another time without applying it. However, I did love the smell of it! (chocolatey goodness)

the best self tanner

I would recommend Cocoa Brown Tan to anyone looking for a natural, light summer glow. If you’re looking for a super dark, “I’ve been in the Bahamas for two weeks,” look this isn’t for you.


  • Easy to apply
  • Natural looking
  • Even/ no splotchy area
  • Good price


  • Can rub off on your clothes and sheets
  • Doesn’t get super dark

All in all, this is my favorite self tanner to date!

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  1. I find the Cocoa Brown Tan for the Body the BEST! It goes on dark so you can see where you are applying it and smells wonderful and dries to a beautiful summer beach BROWN! Thank you for this! 🙂

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