Edible Chocolate Candles Review


Yep, you read the title right. Today I am going to tell you about candles that you can eat!

When I heard about Lady Chocolate, and their edible candles, I knew this was something I would have to see (and taste) to believe. I mean, have you ever heard of a candle that is completely edible before? I know I hadn’t.

Lady Chocolate is based out of the UK and completely original is concept. The owner makes all her chocolates by hand. That’s dedication! I implore you, go look at the pictures on her site. I dare you not to droll.

So getting back to when I found Lady Chocolate on Twitter…

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My thought process went something like this…”Chocolate….you can eat…. that’s on fire?” Of course, I QUICKLY contacted Lady Chocolate.

When I received the package in the mail I was so impressed with everything! First off, the packaging.
edible candles


candles you can eat

My candle came in the cutest pink box with a pink satin bow! (Awe!) Attached were all the ingredients and the business card. So cute! Then I opened the box and the packagers were so thoughtful. (Besides the heavenly scent now filling the room) To ensure that the candle didn’t get smashed from the trip across the pond, they packed the candle in marshmallows. MARSHMALLOWS! How cute is that?! Essentially, everything in the package was edible! And these weren’t nasty marshmallows either. I tried one and I can say without a doubt that they were the softest, yummiest marshmallows I’ve ever eaten. I really want to know what kind they were so I can buy them to snack on.




After eating too many marshmallows to count I got to the good stuff, the candle!

chocolate candles

BOY, was I in for a treat. The candle had by blog name, DIY Made Simple written across the front in blue icing. How thoughtful is that?! Can I just say how much I appreciate companies who are thoughtful and customized? It makes me, as a customer, feel so much more valued.

And apparently, this thoughtful behavior is normal for Lady Chocolate. All their candles have a personal message. Wow! What’s more, the color scheme of my candle matched my blog! I don’t know if this was intentional, but it sure won me over.

Next, I wanted to try lighting this bad boy on fire. It did take a little coaxing, but I finally got the wick (which was an almond sliver) lit. It only burned for a few minutes before going out, but I managed to snap this quick photo.

lighted edible candle

In the few minutes that the candle was lit, the heat managed to melt the inside of the white chocolate and strawberry candle. I took a bite…. heaven EXPLODED into my mouth! Literally, I’ve never tasted something so wonderful in my life! No exaggeration! (If you’d like to see what I looked like after my first bite be sure to following me on Twitter. ) The candle was so flavorful and I amazing. The white chocolate tasted of extremely high quality and was the perfect consistency. The strawberries tasted fresh and delicious.

bite out of edible candle

Obviously, I LOVED this tasty treat. My only regret, not having more!

Honestly, if you don’t try these edible candles out, you are insane. I am so in love with them I am going to recommend them to all my friends and family. In fact, I love them so much I might buy them for people as gifts! If you want to see some photos of the work Lady Chocolate does, because they do way more than just candles, be sure to like them on Facebook. Until the end of August, edible candles are on sale for £1.39 and £1.99.

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