Jewelry Stand Makeover And Plutonium Paint Giveaway

jewelry stand makeover***This is part three of a three part, weekend projects series. Read my first post on a pop of color makeup mirror, and my second on a DIY tiered teal necklace. Enter this giveaway at the end of this post***

If you’ve been following my blog for at least a few months you know that I recently repainted my makeup vanity. (See vanity tutorial here) Looking to make my makeup room uniform, I decided to update my jewelry stand as well.


Vanity Makeover

 This is how the jewelry stand looked before I completely redid it.


It was a pretty standard oak jewelry stand before. To prepare the oak for a new white color to match my vanity, I sanded down the wood with 100 grit sand paper. I didn’t do a super thorough job of the sanding because it wasn’t needed. Next, using a 3 in 1 primer in white, I painted the outside. Next, using my favorite spray paint, Plutonium. I covered the entire thing in 2 coats of white. If you’d like to read an in depth review of Plutonium’s products, click here to see a previous Plutonium paint review. If not, just know I exclusively use Plutonium for all my craft projects and small furniture updates.

 To finish off the paint job I used an acrylic top coat.

Want to try out Plutonium paint for yourself? Plutonium is giving away AN ENTIRE CASE OF PAINT to one lucky reader! (That’s six different cans of your choice!) Enter the giveaway below

Enter the giveaway here



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