Inside Out Enchiladas on A Corn Tamale Bed

On A Corn Tamale Bed

This recipe has been in my family for years. My grandma used to make it for my mother on special occasions. For the last few weeks, I have been craving the delicious consistency of corn tamales. Pulling out my recipe box, I got back to my roots and made this delicious Mexican dish. Now that you’re my online family, I decided to share it this yummy recipe with you.

Corn Tamale Bed

1 cup flour

1 cup corn meal

1 Tablespoon corn oil or Wesson oil

2 eggs

2 cups water

Sift flour and corn meal. Add well beaten eggs and water into mixture. Stir until smooth. Heat and grease lightly on a large griddle. Pour mixture onto griddle as if they were pancakes. When the top surface becomes dry, turn over and continue baking. Lay on paper towel to dry and drain when done.


2 lbs hamburger

2- 46 cans of tomato juice

1 onion

chili powder

Brown hamburger and season as normal. Put about 2 cups tomato juice and onion in a blender until smooth. Add mixture to cooked hamburger and season with chili powder.

Inside out enchilada


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