Fall Inspired Makeup and Hair Tutorial (For Dry Skin)

Fall Hair and Makeup

Are you seeing a theme with my posts lately? I tend to get really into one thing. Lately, that thing has been beauty tutorials. BUT, I want to know what you like best! Do you like these kind of posts? Do you enjoy home decor tips and ideas? (If you like crafts, hurry and enter my Plutonium Paint giveaway, it ends in just a few days) Or do you like yummy recipes the best? Let me know in the comments below.

Now onto the tutorial!

With colder weather coming I’ve felt inspired to show with you my new go-to look for Fall. If you have dry skin and hair like I do, you’ll find this tutorial extra helpful!

Fall Makeup Tutorial

For the Face:

1) Prep: Start by washing your face. Use a PH balancing cleanser that won’t strip the oils from your face. After washing your face, use an intense moisturizer. I’ve yet to find the perfect moisturizer. Do you know of one? If so, share your knowledge in the comments below.

Pro Tip: The night before you want to do this look apply moisturizer with a heavy hand. The additional moisturizer will leave your skin smooth and prepped for the next day.

2) Next, apply your foundation with a moist beauty blender. This will help to wake up your skin and give it a kiss of moisture. For extra moisture, use a mineral stick foundation. These give you a dewy look and won’t dry out your skin like pressed powder foundations.

3) Fill in your brows as normal. If you’d like an in depth tutorial on how I do my brows, check out my tutorial here.

4) The eye shadow is where the real magic happens. With cold weather it’s easy to look tired. This look will make you look wide awake, no matter the time of day. Apply an eye shadow primer. I like to use the Shadow Insurance in Candlelight by Too Faced.

5) Apply a bright white with a heavy hand all over your lid and a little ways above your crease. This will make your eye lid look bigger. Use a matte white color as a brow highlight.

6) Take a base light brown color and apply it will a windshield wiper motion above the white that you just applied. This color should extend a little past the outer corner of your eye. Take a darker brown and focus this color on the outer v of your eye. However, blend in the outer v with the light brown color.

7) To finish off the eye look, apply a jet black liner into a winged fashion. Don’t forget mascara and your favorite falsies to add extra drama to this look.

loose curls tutorial

For the Hair: 

Nothing is better in chilly weather than a light hat, but that doesn’t mean you have to have hat hair! Try this loose wavy curls look partnered with your favorite Fall hat.

1) Wash or don’t  wash your hair, it doesn’t matter. This hair style looks good on every kind of hair!

2) After your hair is dry apply a heat protectant. NuMe has a new White Truffle Primer that smells divine. This is a great product for people who have dry hair.

3) Taking one inch sections of your hair, wrap them around a 32mm curling wand, away from your face, for 10 seconds. Continue doing this until all your hair is curled.

Pro Tip: I like to use NuMe curling wands for my hair. They are the best quality and my curls last until I wash my hair next. For a list of discount codes on their products, click here. To shop Bellami curling wands, click here.

4) For the loose, effortless look in the curls, spritz the curls with a light hold hair spray. Next, spray a salt/ beach spray all over the curls and run through them with your fingers.

Top your look off with a hat of your  choice and you’re ready to run out the door into the cool Fall weather!


  1. Have you tried garniers moisture match for dry to very dry skin? I suffer from dry and eczema prone skin so I know what a nightmare it can be trying to find a good moisturiser to use before makeup but I absolutely love it! Lovely eye makeup too 🙂 x


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