Bellami Extension Review

Bellami hair extension review

I recently reviewed my Bellami hair extensions on Youtube. If you’re not subscribed to me, please do! I also explain my DIY hair extension holder. I’ll be doing a more in depth tutorial later.

If you want to buy a hot tool or extensions from Bellami, please click here. Use the code “DIY5” for a $5 discount! If you’re interested in purchasing a 6 in 1 curler, use the code “DIY160” for $160 off!

To see my previous review of the NuMe Megastar hair straightener, click here.

***** I will be sharing a discount code on the NuMe classic wands on Friday. They will be on sale for $28! They are usually $170! That’s a HUGE DISCOUNT. Be sure to follow me on Facebook to get the discount code. It would be a perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts.******

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