Halloween Spook House and Table Runner

Today I’m going to share with you some super easy and quick tutorials for Halloween. Each one of these I made with wallpaper from Graham & Brown. Yes, you read that right, wallpaper. The reason? I saw this pattern from Graham and Brown and FELL.IN. LOVE. I couldn’t help myself. So if you have an extra five minutes and these amazing patterns you too can create these looks for your home.

DIY Made Simple

First, let me tell you how AMAZING this wallpaper is. When I took this wallpaper out of the package I literally gasped. Seriously, gasped at wallpaper. It is so beautiful that photos don’t even do it justice. The background is gray and it is overlaid in black velvet so it has a really cool texture to it. I so wish I could hang this up on my walls. It would look so gorgeous. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment so I can’t do that right now. (so sad!) This wallpaper is really thick too so I’m sure that it would stay in good condition over time.

Easy to make skull spook house

Spook House: 

Nothing says Halloween like a spook house. I remember when I was little looking forward to when my grandma would put out her light up spook house every Halloween. It was my favorite tradition! So I thought making a spook house with this print would be amazing. This literally took me three minutes. I did a quick google images search of a spook house outline and got this image.

house outline

Next, I flipped over the wallpaper so the white side was facing me. Using a pencil I free handed the spook house and cut it out with scissors. If you have better supplies than me, you can use an Exacto knife and a cutting board to easily cut out all the windows. I just used on scissors for mine.

I bought poster board from the dollar store. Using spray adhesive on the white side I stuck the wallpaper cutout to the poster board.  It turned out pretty cute!

easy skull table runnerskull table runner

Table Runner:

I made two table runners, one circle for my side table and one long rectangle for my kitchen table. To cut out the circle the right size I turned the side table upside down and traced around it. (If you’re wondering where I got this super cute turquoise side table, read this post)

These turned out so cute! Told you these were fast tutorials.

If you want some one ideas for Halloween decorations, click on the following posts.



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