Solution for Dry Face! + Giveaway

solution for dry skin giveaway!

If you’ve been read my blog in the past, then you probably know that I suffer from dry skin. (See my posts here for Fall Inspired Makeup and Hair Tutorial For Dry Skin and My Favorite Hair Product For Dry Scalp) For some time now, I’ve been looking for the perfect moisturizer for my face. I’ve tried all different kinds, in varying price ranges. From Bare Minerals, to Clinique, to Clean and Clear, it seems like I have had tried everything out there. I had almost convinced myself that I would have to spend hundreds of dollars  to find the holy grail of moisturizers. To my surprise, I found my most favorite face moisturizer for only $7.99 and I’m here to tell you all about how it has transformed my skin from dull to glowy, clean, and beautiful.

Cremo Company product review

I heard about Cremo beauty products through Twitter. What immediately drew me to them was they unique crown as a logo and that they are based out of Laguna Beach, CA. That just screams royal and anyone who knows me knows I’m a princess who loves to spoil herself. After I reached out not them, they sent me their face wash and moisturizers to try. The bottles boasted of having astonishingly superior face cleansing and moisturizing that lasted 24 hours. I thought this was too good to be true, but I decided I would give it a whirl.

Cremo product review

Both the face wash and moisturizer are for sensitive skin and since my skin is very dry and it breaks out easily I thought that this would be a good fit for me. What’s different about the face was is that is doesn’t face a smell. It’s always been something that I really care about  with products, so I didn’t like that there wasn’t going to be a fresh smell to the facial cleanser. However, after using the face wash I noticed how different my skin was. When using the facial cleanser and moisturizer together, my skin would not break out at all. Normal for me is flaky, dry skin around my t-zone. My skin wasn’t dry at all after using either of the products, nor was it oily. Let me go in depth and review the facial cleanser and moisturizer separately so that you can understand all the difference in the two.

Like stated earlier, I love the facial cleaner, but I was a little put off by there not being any smell. However, I like how it gets everything off my face , including my makeup, with only a dime sized amount of face wash. My face doesn’t break out at all while I use it and it doesn’t strip my skin of natural oils or leave it feeling oily.

The moisturizer was amazing. In fact, it’s the best moisturizer I have ever used in my entire life. It has a sweet, almost peppermint smell that is barely there. When you first put it on, it kind of feels like water on your face because the consistency is so thin, however it dries within 1 minute and leaves your skin hydrated for 24 hours. It is amazing!

I wanted to ensure that my skin was actually getting fixed from the face wash and moisturizer so I switched out the moisturizer and face wash to another brand that I was using before. Literally 1 day after switching, my face was back to its broken out and dry state. There’s no doubt in my mind that Cremo was the reason that my face was doing so well before.

best facial moisturizer for dry skin

Because I’m so in love with these Cremo products, I am certain in saying that the rest of their products are probably amazing too. Cremo has generously offered to give away their Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream to three of my readers. I’m actually very  jealous of you guys because I really want to try out their shaving moisturizer, but I know you’ll love it! To enter the giveaway, simply click on the link below. Happy moisturizing and good luck!

Enter the giveaway here


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