Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Review

brazilain keratin hair treatement

If you following me on Instagram you know that I recently went from dark brown hair to very light blonde. This is the second time this year I’ve attempted this process. Read about my horrific first try here. As you can imagine, the bleaching process takes a lot from your hair! First, it strips the natural oils from your scalp. Next, it causes so much damage. Ah the things we put up with for beauty…

brown to blonde

After this tiring bleaching process I was looking for a product that could restore me to pre-bleaching shine, softness, and hydration. That’s why I was so excited to try out the nuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care. Customers can purchase the entire kit or individual pieces. I received the entire collection, which included: Brazilian Keratin Liquid Leave-In Reconstructor, , Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask, and Brazilian Keratin Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. The products are supposed to regenerate and strengthen hair fibers while restoring the natural shine and softness. It repairs damaged cuticles and seals them, while turning down the frizz, reducing your volume. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Here’s my experience with each of the products:

NAAT reconstructor review

NuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Leave-In Reconstructor

I really enjoy using the reconstructor. It says that it can be used in both dry and wet hair, but I prefer to use it in my hair when dry. Since using it I haven’t noticed any slit ends, even after bleaching my hair!


NuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine

This is the perfect product if you have dull, lifeless hair. My favorite was to use the Serum Ultra Shine is to apply it when my hair is dry and I am about to use a hot tool on my hair. The product provides a much needed barrier for hair against the harmful nature of curling wands, straighteners, and blow dryers. After using the Serum Ultra Shine my hair looks hydrated, shiny, and is so soft! It really does wonders for hair!


****nuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask***** (my favorite piece of the collection)

The Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask is by far my favorite piece from this collection.  It instantly transforms your hair from dull and dry to hydrated and healthy. In fact, I used this deep conditioner just last night and now my hair is super soft! The easiest way to use this product is to apply it to your hair when you are in the shower. For the best results, leave it in your hair for 15 minutes and then rinse out. Your hair will be super soft and hydrated after use. Because this is so intense, NAAT recommends that you only use it once a month. However, if you have really damaged hair I would recommend using it once every week or once every two weeks.


Brazilian Keratin Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

These shampoo and conditioners are very moisturizing. When I had my dark hair I found out that they were too moisturizing for me and would leave my hair feeling weighed down. After bleaching my hair they work great for me! They are super hydrating and help to soften my hair.

I loved using the NAAT collection and would recommend them to anyone looking for soft and more manageable hair. You get a ton of product for the price, so it’s a great deal!  You can purchase these products here. Get 5% off your online purchase with the code “online.” If you’d like me to do a giveaway with NAAT, be sure to comment down below.

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