Ikea Hack: Desk For Only $10!

DIY Made Simple-2 A few months ago, I shared with you a  photo of my desk. fun with washabi tape The “desk” featured was actually a free entertainment system that we received from my husband’s family. While it provided plenty of space on top to put all my items, there wasn’t any space for your legs to fit under it and was by all accounts, highly uncomfortable to work at. Faced with this problem, I put on my “DIYer thinking cap” and thought about how I could create a desk that had plenty of room on the top, yet was open enough on the bottom that I could easy move my feet around. Additionally, I was looking for something that wasn’t too bulky, as I live in an apartment and will be moving in a few months. The solution came to me as my husband and I took a nice little getaway to Utah over Labor Day weekend. I had the holiday off from work and he had it off from school, so we decided to spoil ourselves. Here’s a downside to living in a small town in the middle of nowhere Idaho: there’s no where to shop! In fact, the closest mall to use is 30 minutes away. It’s a blessing and a curse for a shopaholic like myself. However, Salt Lake City is only a three hour drive from us, so we went down for two days. During the trip we stopped by everyone’s favorite store: Ikea! Wow, doesn’t everyone feel like they could spend an entire day at that place? Let me let you in on a little secret not many people know about Ikea: near the end of the store, by the cash registers, there is the best spot in the world- the discount area. Basically, when Ikea receives a return for any reason, they put the item in that area and it’s discounted. It’s a great place to shop, especially if you’re on a budget. The discount area is where I got the supplies for my desk! In the corner of the SLC discount area they have a section for all long pieces of wood: so there are doors, and table tops, and other pieces for the tops of furniture. I found this wood laminate white desk for table top for $10! Here’s a few reasons why I went with the white laminate piece of wood instead of going with a piece of wood from the local home improvement store: ikea hack desk

  • It was already finished and ready to go. I knew I wouldn’t need to paint or sand anything. Essentially I would just need to attach it to the legs.
  • The laminet finish would make the surface stick free and easy to clean.
  • A crisp white color helps things seem more airy and would go well we my recently repainted vanity and jewelry stand.

Once I got the desk top home, I looked around for legs for my new desk. Ikea does provide legs for about $10 each, but I was looking for a cheaper option. We had these bar stools laying around that weren’t being used anymore. By setting the table top onto the bar stools I got a super comfy desk that met all my expectations. What’s even more cool about this desk is that if I ever get bored of it and decide on buying  a new one, I can easily take it apart and reuse or sale the bar stools. For a more feminine touch, I store my DIY nail polish holders on the window sill behind my desk. Additionally, you’ll find my pen jar covered in my favorite quotes and to do notepad on my desk at all times. Ikea Hack Desk Do you like this desk idea? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you to WeWork, a co-working company that inspired me to share this post with you. If you would like to see if there is a WeWork spot near you check out their various locations around the world.

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