Easy and Fast Thanksgiving Decoration!

easy thanksgiving decoration

I’m so excited to share this super quick and fun Thanksgiving craft with you today! It combines the natural beauty of the outdoors and chalkboard art. And the best part? It only takes about five minutes! (some of the funnest crafts are the fastest ones, right?

easy thanksgiving place settings

The first thing you’ll need is a piece of wood. I food this cute circular piece of wood at my local craft store for $1!  You don’t have to use a a polished piece of wood, I think this craft would be super cute on a tree slice. (image below)

easy chalkboard craft

Next, coat the piece of wood in chalkboard top coat. This stuff is AMAZING because it’s clear. That means that you can make literally make anything into a chalkboard.

After applying a thin coat of the chalkboard paint, let the wood dry. Because my top coat was to thin, it only took about 3 minutes to dry. To speed up the drying process, you can use a hair dryer.

easy chalkboard place settings

Now’s the fun part! Write whatever you want on the piece of wood. I wrote, “Give thanks,” on my piece, but I think if would be so cute to put these out as place settings, with everyone’s name on them, or as labels for all your different dishes.

easy chalkboard craft

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