3 Minute, No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

The Christmas season is here! That means Evergreen trees, snow, and time with family. One of my most favorite parts of Christmas is decorating for it. Don’t let your small budget keep you from having the cutest decorations on the block. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing the easiest, fastest, and cutest Christmas decorations around, that you can make on a budget.

no sew tree skirt

Today’s tutorial: The 3 minute, no sew Christmas tree skirt.
no sew tree skirt

This is literally the easiest way to make a Christmas tree skirt… ever.

Simply start with your favorite fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper. For this tutorial I am using the “Small Squares” Wallpaper from Graham and Brown. I love how stunning and intricate it is. The shapes in the middle of  the squares remind me of snowflakes, so it is perfect for winter. Plus, it’s paintable! (I can’t wait to use it for other projects)

12011-mainOnce you’ve selected the fabric or wallpaper you’d like to use, decide how big of a circle you need to make for your tree. You can easily find this out my measuring the distance from the trunk of your tree to the out most limb of the tree.

Next, fold your fabric or wallpaper in half. The distance you measured above should be the length of the wallpaper folded in half.

Cut a circle out of the material with scissors.

easy tree skirt

Once you have a circle, cut a line from the outside of your fold line to the center of the material. Once there, cut a small 2 inch circle (this is where  the tree trunk will fit).

no sew tree skirt

All you need to do now is unfold the material and wrap it around the tree. The slit in the back of the material will allow you to adjust how snug you want it to fit around the bottom of the tree.

no sew tree skirt

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