DIY Snow Globe

DIY Snow Globes

There’s something magical about a Christmas snow globe, isn’t there? Bring the magic to your home with this tutorial for easiest faux snow globe tutorial ever!

If you’re looking for other ridiculously easy Christmas crafts, be sure to check out my three minutes, no sew Christmas tree skirt tutorial, here. (featured in picture below)

no sew tree skirt

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 1 Mason jar or old candle jar with a lid
  • Fake snow (you can pick this up from your local craft store)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Props for inside the jar (I prefer to use houses or trees. These can be bought for $1 at the local dollar store.)
  • Small flake glitter
  • Spray adhesive

How to put it together: 

1) Unscrew the lid from the jar you are using. For this snow globe I used an old Bath and Body Works Candle Jar.

DIY Made Simple-3

2) Put a dollop of hot glue on the bottom of whatever prop you want to put inside your snow globe and then place the figure on the inside of your lid.

DIY Snow Globe

3) Put some hot glue around the figure on the inside of the lid. Apply fake snow on top of the hot glue.

DIY Made Simple-3

4) Spray the spray adhesive around the inside of your container. Immediate poor a small amount of glitter around the inside of the lid. This will give a snowy/ foggy vibe to the inside of the snow globe.

DIY Snow Globe

5) Secure the lid to the base and turn upside down.

diy snow globe

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