Gift Idea: Chalkboard Signs

If you have a limited budget it can be hard to get the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list. DIY gifts are an option that are much cheaper than store-bought ones, and you can easily make them much more personal. The problem with DIY gifts however, is can take a lot of time out of your already busy calendar. Here’s a gift idea for you that will only take 30 minutes and is majorly gift worth.

For more Christmas crafts, try this tutorial for DIY Snow Globes, and this 3 Minute, Now Sew Christmas Skirt. (Pictures Below)

DIY Snow Globes no sew tree skirtFirst, pick up a piece of craft wood from your local craft store. The more smooth and sanded the piece of wood is, the better.


Next, paint the piece of wood the color you like. When painting my pieces of wood I chose to use Plutonium Spray Paint.

1 unnamed

Plutonium paint has 70% pigment in each bottle, which means the coverage is completely out of this world. Another plus is that it dries amazingly fastpicked up . This project only took me two coats with a  5 minute wait between each.

diy chalkboard

Once your spray paint is dry you’ll add clear chalkboard paint as a top coat. If you didn’t understand from the name, this paint turns everything into a chalk board. It’s the coolest! Wondering where you can pick up your own clear chalkboard paint? Your local craft store.

After the  paint dries you’re ready to use your new chalkboard!



The first one of these chalkboards I made was red with faded green corners. Creating this ombre effect was super easy with Plutonium spray paint.  I used it as a countdown to Christmas. I also made a bunch of other colors for other holidays and occasions. However, this would be a cute and affordable gift to give to someone for Christmas.





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