Cute Workout Clothes + Athleta Review

what to wear to the gym Hi friends! If you’re anything like me, working out every day is a constant struggle. It can be so hard to motivate yourself to work hard. (especially right after work!) One thing that motivates me a little, and every little bit helps, is knowing that I will have comfy and cute clothes to work out in.  As a full figured girl, I’ve had struggles in the past with finding clothing that fits me right while working out. One brand of women’s clothing that I heard great things about but had never tried was Athleta. I was put off by their high prices and didn’t know if they were worth the price. Fortunately, Athleta sent me an outfit of theirs to try out for myself. Here are my honest opinions and experience using their products. Are they worth the price? You have to keep reading to find out! athleta on full figured women When I first put on the clothing from Athleta I was super surprised how comfy all the pieces were! I kid you not, the pants were so comfy they felt like I had nothing on at all. That’s my kind of pants! The shirt was loose enough that it was comfortable, also had gathers so it was flattering and wouldn’t flap everywhere when working out. What’s more, all the pieces came with a guarantee written right on their tags. You can return anything, anytime, or any reason. Can’t beat that policy! I really did love all the pieces and they had some really cool features that I’ve never seen on workout clothing before. Be sure to read below for an in-depth review of each piece. athleta fast track Fast Track Tank: Two of the most annoying/ biggest problems I face in regards to my shirts at the gym are 1) that they are tight and 2) ride up when I am running. This shirt solved both of these problems! The material is super breathable and stretchy. To solve the “my shirt riding up” problem, there are silicon grips at the inside bottom of the shirt. Seriously? This is genius! Why isn’t every company doing this?! You have to try this shirt out. What copy 2 Stunner Bra: I’m a size C in bras, and with bigger boobs comes more bouncing. While this may be great for guys watching (ew), it’s not fun for us girls! That’s why I was a little hesitant about receiving a medium support bra. To be honest, I don’t think this bra is a good choice if you are doing cardio or another exercise where you are moving around a lot and you have breasts larger than a B. There’s too much movement for my preference. However, this bra is SUPER COMFY! And even though it’s a sports bra, it still lifts and separates in all the right places. It’s a great choice for lounging around the house or even doing yoga. ****My Top Pick****** Splatter Be Free Kicker: This was my favorite product sent to me by Athleta! These pants are literally so comfy they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. I’m dead serious. They are the most comfy pants I’ve ever put on.! I love them. You need to open a new tab in my browser right now, and order them in every color. (They aren’t paying me to say this, but they should, right?) And they have really cool features. On the back, near your bum, there is a pocket with zipper where you can keep a key or small valuable item. On the sides there are super deep pockets. I love not having to worry that my phone is going to fall out when I put my giant Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone in them. Running at night? No problem. They have super reflective small point on the back. There are super breathable mesh components that let your lower half breathe while working out. Plus, they are made with odor controlling fabric that helps to keep you smelling so fresh and so clean clean. When you do have to wash them, they have a never ending draw string, which means no more draw string drama from the washer. What I LOVE my new Athleta products and I think they are definitely worth the price difference. Remember, you are more than your looks. You are beautiful because of what’s on the inside. xo, Steph

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