Top Brands To Decorate Your Home With (From Furniture to Duvet Covers)

Where to Buy stuff for your new home

Just moved? Sick of the furniture in your home? Want to give your living room a new vibe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and are looking for new furniture, you know how expensive it can be. That’s why I compiled this list of the top places to buy quality decor for your home, at a cheap price!

living room design ideas

Furniture: As a newly-wed couple, my husband and I didn’t have very many pieces of furniture when we moved into our first apartment. It was really hard to find furniture for our new home that fit in our price range and would last a long time. A store that really helped us out was Ikea! Not only do they have amazing prices, but a trip to one of their stores works great as a date! There’s so much to see, do, and eat, you’ll never get bored.

yorkshire linen company review

Duvet Covers: I live in the US, but I have readers from all over the world. One of my favorite companies to buy bedding from is Yorkshire Linen Duvet Covers in UK. This company’s products are amazing quality and are available at a great price. Plus, there have something for every taste! There’s plenty of adorable kids bedding and adult bedding to choose from.

sams club towels

Towels and Rugs: This store is so well known for their selection of bulk food options, but not so much for their amazing quality towels and rugs. It’s Sam’s Club! An affiliate of Walmart, Sam’s Club has really low priced products when you buy their food in bulk. They also sell low priced clothing and household items. I love their bathroom rugs and towels. For less than $10, you can get a bathroom rug that is super soft and will last years. I also purchased our super big, fluffy towels there. (so comfy!)

home goods decorating

Accent Pieces: When it comes to the little thing in our home, I turn to Home Goods for help. I love their lamps, accent pillows, and small decorations for our home. The best part? everything is so affordable! Pro tip: To be sure you have the best selection to choose from, as a sales representative when they get their shipments in and be sure to go in on that day.

I hope you found this list helpful! Let me know in the comments section below where you buy your home decor when redecorating.

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