XO Valentine Door Wreath

DIY Made Simple-3 copy A few weeks ago I had a girls day with one of my best friends, Hannah! We decided to make cute wreaths to hang on our front doors for Valentines day. Keep reading to see how you can make your own here. hannahs wreath Hannah’s Heart Love Wreath: 1) Pick up a sparkly heart wreath from your local dollar store. 2) String ribbon from one side of the wreath to the other. Attach with hot glue. 3) Spray paint wooden letters the color of your choosing. (Hannah used Plutonium Paint‘s color Vegas) 4) Hot glue your letters to the ribbon. Hang and enjoy! Stephanie’s XO Sign: valentines day sign 1) Pick up a large wooden X and O from your local craft store. DIY Made Simple-3 copy 2) Apply two coats of spray paint to the front of the letters. (I also used Plutonium Paint’s color Vegas) Allow to dry. DIY Made Simple-3 copy 2 3) Apply a thin coat of spray adhesive to the front of the letters. Sprinkle glitter on top. Allow to dry. 4) Add a thin top coat of clear acrylic. This will lock in the sparkles and make sure they don’t fall everywhere. DIY Made Simple-3 copy

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