Fitness Box Subscriptions, Are They Worth It? + Bulu Box Review

What you need to know-4

Box subscriptions seem to be the newest, and biggest thing. If you’re unfamiliar with them, let me fill you in: You pay a flat fee per month to have a box of goodies sent to you. There’s a box subscription for literally every interest. Makeup. Health Foods. Fitness gear. You name it; they got it. Initially, I liked the idea of a box subscription service: you get a present full of surprises every month. It also allows you to try all different kinds of brands and find a new favorite product. What I don’t like about subscription box services is that they aren’t always the best value; you could have got a lot more product for a lot less money. And what if you don’t like the products? There’s no returning them and you wasted money. Here’s a little about my experience trying out the Bulu Box subscription service so you can make a choice wither it’s a good choice for you.

About Bulu Box: Bulu Box is a fitness subscription service. They send you a box full of snacks, weight loss pills, and other things relating to your health. Originally, it’s $30 per month, but if you head over to their website right now you can get it for $10 per month. They send you four to five products in each box. If you log back into the website you can gain points for answering surveys about the products you try and giving your opinion. If you do this enough you can earn free products.

What I Got: When I opened the box I was surprised how little the products were.  Was it worth $10? I don’t think so. Inside the box, it included:

  • Snack Size lentil crackers
  • Lipo 6 diet pill
  • Night Food: low calories snack bar
  • Smash energy drink
  • Magnet words
  • Miracle Tree Organic Moringa Wellness Tea

Here’s my opinion on each of these products.

lentil crackers

Lentil Crackers: One word: gross! If the name didn’t give it away, the taste will! They were cracked pepper flavored. Lentil and cracked pepper? Possibly the grossest combination in the world. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just me who thought they were gross so I got three other coworkers to try the crackers as well. Everyone hated them.

Lip 6 Diet Pill: First off, diet pills freak me out. They always have a million warnings with them. ***May cause heart rumor. Don’t take with food. Don’t take 6 hours before bed. (All read in a super fast voice)*** When I took this pill my stomach felt so messed up. It was cramping and didn’t feel good at all. But, with that being said, it did help me drop some water weight that day. However, was it worth it? And would it have worked if I continued to use it? I wish they would have put in more samples so I could try it for a longer period of time.

candy bar

Night Food: This was so good! This bar was 120 calories and was cookies and cream flavored. It was delicious and the perfect filler of you are craving something sweet. It kept me full for about five hours.

Smash Energy Drink: This is supposedly a pre-workout formula that helps you build lean muscle while burning excess fat. I didn’t feel like it did anything for me.

Organic Moringa Tea: I don’t drink tea so I didn’t try this product myself. However, I love the idea of a tea boosting energy.

My opinion? Bulu Box wasn’t for me. If you like trying diet pills and want to find a healthy snack, try it out.

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