What You Need To Know About Choosing Makeup Brushes

What you need to know

As a lover of all things makeup, I’ve checked out many different brands of makeup brushes. I’ll admit that many of my brushes are hand me downs from my sister, a certified MUA. After watching hundreds of YouTube makeup artists’ tutorials I was feeling a strong need to buy a new brush set. But honestly, I didn’t know where to start. There’s so many different brushes and so many different brands. With so many different affiliate programs I didn’t know which brand recommendations to choose for the fear of people saying their opinion just to make a buck. After searching high and low these are the things I would recommend when looking for the right makeup brushes. (If you read to the end I’ll even include a review of an affordable brand of brushes)

1) Know what you will actually use and need.

Like to go minimal on makeup? Then why spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of equipment that you won’t use? It doesn’t add up. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s super easy to get caught up in thinking that you’ll need more than you actually do. I recommend making a list of what makeup you like to wear and then focus on the tools that will make your job easier. Here’s two examples

choosing makeup brush

Untitled design-2

2) Consider other options.

Determine what your budget is. This will be your guide for determining what your options are.  Do you even like brushes? Would you like a sponge better? For me there’s no way I will ever use a foundation brush again after trying out Beauty Blenders. Don’t be afraid of less expensive options. Honestly, I’ve found that less expensive brushes have worked the best for me.

3) Research for your needs.

You want your brushes and tools to do the work for you. Think about what you want the function of the brush to be and ask that question to research. Here’s an example of what to type into Google or YouTube.

Don’t: “Eye shadow brushes.”

Do: “Eye shadow brushes that pack on color.”

Companies spend a lot of time making products with functions in mind. Reading up with help to educate you on what you need or don’t. Do you need real goat hair brushes or fake hair brushes?

What you need to know-3

4) Test out a brand.

Once you’ve decided what you need, but you’re not sure if you’ll like a brand or not try buying one brush from them first. While the function of each brush may be different, the quality at which they are made is usually consistent.

What you need to know-2

I needed new brushes and when a company came to me about me trying out their brushes for a reduced price I thought, “Why not?”

Bellange is offering a 10 piece Kabuki Makeup Brush Set for only $20. That’s right, anyone can get it for only $20! The set comes with five eyeshadow brushes and five face brushes.

I was really impressed with the quality of the brushes. After washing and using them they don’t shed or loose hairs. The packaging is also very pretty with sleek black handles and gold hardware.

After using these brushes I think that the eye brushes are best for blending, not for small detail work. The face brushes seem great for powder, but don’t work as well for liquid products. But I think these brushes are an amazing deal!

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