Fat Cats Review

fat cats review

A few weeks ago I shared a special deal that Fat Cats was hosting. (Read that post here) Since then, I had the chance to try out that special package for free. In true DIY Made Simple fashion, I’ll be telling you my real thoughts about the product, and if it’s really worth your money.

DIY Made Simple


Walking into Fat Cats, it looks like a great establishment. All the facilities are up to date and everything is clean and tidy. However,  when you talk to any worker there it is highly apparent that they have zero customer service training. (This was confirmed by my friend who has worked there two years!) I’ve been to Fat Cats probably a hundred times, trying everything from mini golf to movies. Every time I’ve been there the customer service sucks! It takes two or three people to answer any question or check out any customer because no one knows what they are doing. Furthermore, they have children under the age of sixteen (I’d venture to guess around 12 yrs old) working that are clearly not compitant enough to be working there. Really Fat Cats, step up your game!

fat cats review

A word of advice: don’t eat the food from Fat Cats! (even though the photos make it look super yummy) The pizza is extremely greasy and has no flavor and the popcorn is so gross. I didn’t even know you could mess up popcorn, but they did. The breadsticks that came with the family package were actually good.

Every bowling alley I’ve been to has had problems with balls getting stuck, and Fat Cats was no exception. However, when the the workers won’t do anything to help you or recognize that nothing is working well, it just doesn’t seem right to me.

DIY Made Simple

My takeaway from this experience: Fat Cats is a terrible place to bring your family because they don’t care about their customers at all. However, people in my town keep going there because it’s the only place to go to. They have no competition. It’s sad to me that they make so much money at other people’s expense.

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