Faux Metal Letters

dit faux metal letters

Big metal letters are all the rage right now… but their price tags? Not so much. Here’s an easy and affordable way to make your own faux metal letters easily and affordably.

faux metal letters

The first thing you’ll need is a base for the faux metal letters. I chose a these thick cardboard letters from the local craft store. These are super affordable and would work great as an accent piece.

Next, use spray paint to transform the letters from brown and boring to silver and spunky. The silver I chose is from Plutonium paint’s collection and entitled “2nd Place.”

metal letters

Try spray painting on top of cardboard. It will soak up your excess product.

I absolutely love all the Plutonium paint colors I’ve used in the past, but this one is my favorite. It has a slight sheen/ sparkle that mimics real metals and goes on so smoothly. Plus, Plutonium paint is 70% pigment in each bottle and doesn’t streak. This stuff is seriously amazing, especially for faux metal letters.


I applied two coats to each side. Here’s an expert tip, if you need to cover the floor whenever painting, so for a cardboard cover as opposed to a plastic tarp option. Cardboard will soak up the extra color, while plastic will allow the color the smear right off, sometimes on the already painted side. I took the above photo while the paint was still wet. You will notice the excess paint which happened when I sprayed the paint to quickly. My advice, spray paint further away in small coats. You’re going to love these faux metal letters when they are done!

metal letters

After allowing to dry for 10 minutes you’re ready to display the faux metal letters I put them on my kitchen table, however, these would look great in a bedroom or nursery.

dit faux metal letters

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