What is Pick Your Plum?

pick your plum

Today I’m going a share with you a secret that’s going to make shopping for birthday presents, wedding gifts, and baby registries a million times easier. It’s about a site with the cutest things for super cheap… Pick Your Plum.

pick your plum

Every morning at 6 am Mountain Time the new items being sold on Pick Your Plum for that day are posted. If you’re signed up for their emails, you can get these deals emailed to you. Usually, prices are under $10 and a couple bucks for shipping. Shipping takes about 8 -10 business days.

pick your plum

The deals on here are super cute and the quality is amazing for the price. Every time I’ve gotten anything from here and use it, at least 10 people compliment me and ask where I got it from.

pick your plum

Here’s some super cute deals Pick Your Plum has offered in the past.


pick your plum

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