Facial Sponges Review and FAQ

makeup songe review

It seems like everywhere you look nowadays, you see some beauty guru talking about Beauty Blenders or makeup sponges. What I’ve come to realize is that there are about a million options and choosing one to use can be super confusing. Today, I’m going to share with you my experiences using each and give you all the information so choosing one is as easy as pie.

What’s the point of a facial/ makeup sponge?

Many people use makeup sponges to apply their foundations and blend in cream products like concealer and contours/highlights. In my experience, using a damp makeup sponge is the quickest way to apply a liquid foundation.

How do you clean a Beauty Blender/ Makeup Sponge?

I’ve tried every way to clean my multiple brands of makeup sponges. From olive oil to Solid brand cleaners, nothing works as well as this: Dampen your makeup sponge, poor dish soap into the palm of your hand. Using circular motions, rub the sponge into the palm of your hand until completely covered in soap. Next, squeeze out the product and repeat. This gets all the product out of your sponge, and is grossly rewarding to be able to see all the product leaving the sponge.

real techniques complex sponge review

Real Techniques Complexion Sponge (Retails for $4.99)

This is by far my favorite makeup sponge I have tried. The sponge isn’t dense at all, like other brands. Because it is so light weight you can easily blend out the makeup product onto your face and it’s soft to use. Plus, it’s less than 1/4 the cost of the popular Beauty Blender)

beauty blender review

Beauty Blender  (Retails for $19.95)

The Beauty Blender brand has two forms of makeup sponges, the Micro Minis, these are used for getting in small places like under eyes, and the original sized Beauty Blenders, for foundations and larger areas of the face.

These sponges are medium in density. While they do a good job of blending out products, I was turned off by their poor quality. Namely, after one wash almost all their color had washed out and after just one wash it completely split in two.

bella beauty sponge review

Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge (Retails for $6)

While the Bella Beauty makeup sponge is super affordable, it’s super dense. It kind of feels like you’re getting hit in the face by a ball when you go to stipple on foundation. While I believe this product is very good quality, it makes applying your makeup a painful experience.

my konjace sponge review

My Konjac Sponge (Retails for $10)

I had never heard of these facial sponges until recently, but they are super cool. When you first receive them they are hard, and after getting them wet, they soften up like a jelly fish. Then, you can use it with our without a face wash, and it helps to remove dead skin and cleans your face. While their are many different kinds to choose from, I used the My Konjac Sponge with Bamboo and Charcoal. It helped to relieve my oily skin and clear breakouts. These sponges are really cool because they are cruelty, paraben, and sulfate free. You can even sanitize them by throwing them in the microwave.

Have you used facial sponges? What are your favorite kinds? Tell me in the comments section below.


  1. I have tried a bunch but I love the beauty blender. I’ve had it for months and don’t have any problems with it at all. Maybe you got a bad one?

  2. Love your review and comparison post!
    I bought the RT Sponge and I really love it, I heard so many great things about the Beauty Blender but for 20$, I feel like it is a bit too much for me since I usually go in with brushes anyways.

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