DIY Headboard for $3

diy headboard tutorial

Can we just take a moment to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL DIY headboard? I did make the headboard myself so it may seem a little like I’m tooting my own horn, but you know what? I deserve it cause it’s that good! No, the real hero of this headboard is Graham and Brown. They made the beautiful wallpaper it’s colored in called Naughty Noir. How appropriate for the bedroom, right? It’s actually overlaid in velvet so the scrolly part sticks out. It’s so comfy and beautiful.

In all seriousness, this DIY headboard is SO easy to make and is super affordable. Not a fan of this print? Choose whatever fabric or wallpaper you want to cover this in. Let’s get started.

diy headboard

First, measure the width of your bed so you know how much product you will need to buy. Then, stop by your local craft or dollar store and pick up these thick cardboard/ foam poster boards. Make sure you bring a tape measure with you and measure the width of one of these boards to ensure that you buy the right amount. You can always cut them in half or sections if needs me.

diy headboard

Once at home, take the poster boards together. Not only on the front and back between the pieces, by also tape between them along the middle for extra strength and stability. I prefer to use duct tape because it is the strongest.

diy headboards

Next, Wrap the wallpaper or fabric around the pieces of now taped cardboard. I kind of wrapped mine like presents. Then secure with tape. If you want extra stickiness, just use a spray adhesive to connect them.

diy headboard

I live in an apartment, where I can’t put holes in the walls, so I attached the headboard to the wall with Command brand sticky velcro. The foam poster board is really light so the velcro can easily hold the load, but it’s important that you have enough strips. We have a queen sized bed, so I used 6 velcro strips.

Once you set the DIY headboard in place you’re done. It’s a great alternative to heavy and expensive headboards that are hard to move.

diy headboards

Untitled design Untitled design copy 2 Untitled design copy 3I hope you found this tutorial helpful! If you try making this DIY headboard yourself, be sure to show your final product down below.


  1. How well does this hold up to use? It seems to me if you do a lot of reading in bed the head board would not last a long time at all.

    • Emily, I used mine for six months, and it looked great! I didn’t have any issues with it, we just had to take it down because we moved. If you’re planning on pulling on it or being extremely rough with it, I would recommend a wood headboard as an alternative. As for our use, it worked as a great less expensive option.

  2. Super Pretty!!! And easy to do also. I’m trying to decide if the dogs will bother it, or if the cat will either. We will be moving in less than a year and have no place to go yet. So I want to make one if these, but would it get destroyed in the move. Most ppl are not careful here with other ppls stuff. So I may wait to make one but LOVE how you did this. I have some beautiful fabrics I could use. Thank You for inspiring me. 🙂

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