We Rented A Husky Puppy!

rent a puppy experience

I live in a really small town in Idaho where there are very few things to do. It’s also a college town, and like most US colleges, you can’t have pets in the apartment. I remember my first and second year of college missing my parent’s pets so much. One smart couple in my small town came up with the perfect solution, Pups 4 Play. (Head over and like their Facebook page here.)

husky puppy

Basically, you pay $22 to rent a puppy for 90 minutes. I know that sounds a little expensive, but when you think about all the costs that come with little puppies, it’s a pretty good deal. Plus, I don’t feel bad spending that much on a puppy rental because the husband and wife who run Pups 4 Play seem so nice and competent. She was telling me that she does it for the people and proceeded to tell me how some people start crying when they first see the puppies. Isn’t that adorable?

husky puppy

The puppy we choose was Royce, a 6 week old Husky. He was seriously adorable! Isn’t he???? Look at these pictures and tell me he is not adorable!

We brought him to the park where his favorite thing to do was chase a ball and run after us.

husky puppy

And after a long day of playing at the park all he wanted to do was sleep and snuggle. Awwwe!

This post wasn’t very long, I know, but I really wanted to raise awareness of Pups 4 Play because I think they really deserve it.

What kind of puppy is your favorite? Tell me in the comments section below.



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