How To Remove Candle Wax From A Jar

how to remove wax from a jar

Have you ever seen a candle and thought, that would be so cute without the stickers on it, but don’t know how to properly remove all the wax and stickers?

Today I am going to share with you one of the easiest and most useful crafts I know how to do, turning an old candle into a jar. Candles come in so many adorable shapes and sizes these days that it seems like a waste to throw away the container they come in, now you’ll never have to throw away a candle jar again! Follow these tips to easily get out every bit of candle wax and easily remove stickers on the outsides of jars.

how to remove candle wax from a jar

Prep your candle jar by burning down the candle as much as possible. If the wick goes out and there is still wax left in the jar, not a problem. We will remove that in the next step.

how to remove wax from a jar

Place the candle in the freezer overnight. If you don’t have enough time to place the candle in the freezer overnight, you’ll want to keep it in the fridge until the wax is completely frozen. This will cause the molecules to stick together within the wax and make removal a snap. Once the wax is frozen, take the candle out of the freezer. Using a sharp knife, stab the wax to break it up. When the wax breaks it will become dislodged from the bottom of the jar.

how to remove wax from a jar

Most of the time, the wick is glued to the bottom center of the jar. Removing it was sometimes be a pain. To ease up the work, just pour white vinegar into the jar and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, using your knife, pry the wick from the bottom of the jar.

Sometimes, there is a small film left on the inside of the jar from the wax. To remove the film, simply wash out the jar with dish soap.

To remove stickers from the outside of the jar, slowly pull off as much of the sticker with your hands as you can. Whatever remains, drench in vinegar. The acidic nature of the vinegar will break down the stick components that are so usually left on the underside of stickers. I’ve heard that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers can also remove films left on the outside of glass.

Before using your new jar, run it through the dishwasher. This will sanitize the jar and will make it look new. Now your jar is ready to use!


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