Back to School Hairstyles and Discounts

back to school hairstyles

Read volume two of back to school hairstyles here

Summer is coming to an end as so is your unlimited amount of time to spend on hair care. If you’re headed off to college or starting a new school year, one of the biggest time savers you should have on your back–to-school list is hair care products and hairstyles that can solve hair drama. Lucky for you, I’ve included both in this blog post! Below you’ll find the quickest, easiest, back to school hairstyles.

top knot

This first hairstyle, just recently became very popular, which I am all for because it is super fast and easy. This is what I call the half up, top knot. Essentially, it is half up, half down, with a top knot. What’s better? It works, no matter if you have long or short hair. To create: simply divide your hair in half, twist the top half into a bun, and wa-la, you’re done!

high half pony

This second style is just a variation of the first, a high pony in half up half done. Made famous from the beautiful Ariana Grande, this style is just the perk you’ll need to get out of bed and ready for school. Just put the pony tail up a little higher than you usually would. Pro tip: for an extra “put-together” look, spend time straightening or curling your hair.

head wrap 2

Woke up late and only have 5 minutes before you have to leave? This is the look for you! Create a messy bun and throw on a scarf head wrap overtop. No matter if it’s a cute printed pattern, or plan neutral colored wrap, people will LOVE this look! For cheap and cute wraps, shop at stores like Forever 21 and Rue 21.

What’s in my backpack this year? Products for wonderful waves, sultry straight locks, and great smelling hair. Check out where you can get these products for some amazing discounts.

I loooove LusterLux. She’s one of my favorite Youtubers.

Wonderful Waves: For days that you feel like dressing up, you’ve got to have a curling wand that works. I recommend a temperature adjustable wand, as you can save your hair from major damage!

Sultry Straight: Nothing is more fool proof than straight hair. The MegaStar flat iron from Nume is my ALL TIME FAVORITE I have every used. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

I hope you enjoyed these hairstyles and tips. Be sure to comment your favorite style below and follow DIY Made Simple on Pinterest for more hair care ideas!

Read volume two of the best back to school hairstyles, here.

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