Where to find (cheap) cute clothing

where to buy cute and cheap clothing

If you’re as addicted to watching “haul” videos on Youtube as I am, then you probably find yourself craving a shopping spree often. But, with a limited budget it can be hard to treat yo self! I’ve found a solution for you that I just couldn’t keep to myself:  Dresslink.com.

Dresslink is an Asain website with tons of fashion forward clothing for seriously low prices. (They have swimming suits, shirts and dresses for only $0.01. Yes, you read that right, one penny!) When I first heard about this website I thought it was some type of scam. I mean, how can they sell anything for that cheap? I don’t know the why, but having bought from them, I can tell you that it works! I received my items without anything broken, and in good condition. Something to keep in mind when shopping from Dresslink is that their products usually run small, so I tend to go up a dress size when ordering from them. Also, I would compare their quality of products to Forever 21, but sense it’s only $4 for a jacket it’s well worth the price.

Okay, so now you’re interested. You’re probably wondering how cute their stuff is, right? Below, you’ll find my wish list of clothing pieces, showcasing just how cute their products are. Happy shopping!

P.s. Because this is a wash list, I’m pretending I have a body type that can pull off any item of clothing. A girl can dream, right?

This shirt for $0.01!!!!!! One penny! 

shoulder dress

This cute kimono swather for $4.50


This sequined-collared-cuteness-overload dress for my niece (only $4.47!)

cute dress

One of these cross-body bags….in each color. ($10.61) 


Another kimono, because LOOK AT IT! ($9.13) 


Cute cat stockings for $4.03

cat stocking

This flower cake mold to make DIY bath bombs in for only $1.71! 

cake mold

This swimming suit for $6.92! 

swimming suit



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