Is Incredible Pizza fun?

incredible pizza

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to go to Incredible Pizza. During my visit I tried their food and played in their game room. Here’s my experience with Incredible Pizza.


The last time I went to Incredible Pizza was about six years ago, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Since the last time I had gone in, I knew they had done construction and improvements on my Springfield, MO location, and because of that I had no idea just how fun they made it!

incredible pizza 20150930_184538

20150930_171730 20150930_173446 20150930_173435 20150930_173444

The first thing to note about Incredible Pizza is their buffet. For a low price you get access to their buffet. The buffet includes a salad bar, soups, taco bar, nacho bar, pulled pork, any kind of pizza you can dream up, dessert bar with ice cream, and drinks. Both my husband and I loved the food. It was delicious! I also appreciated their drink selection. They had the drink machines that have over 200 different kinds of drink combinations in them, so their is something for everyone. Another thing that made the eating experience fun was the different places you could eat at. My Springfield Incredible Pizza location includes a drive in movie room, 1950s gym with Disney Channel shows playing in it, family room with nostalgic photos from 1950s shows like Andy Griffith, and a 50’s dinner. Even though we didn’t eat in every room during our visit it was so fun to walk around and view the different settings.


The “fairgrounds” is where the real magic happened for my husband and I. We had more fun playing the games than we’ve had on a date night, in a long time! Since the update, Incredible Pizza has added a ton more games and attractions that are fun for both children and adults. Some of the games include a giant Connect Four and dueling shoot out games.

oreilly speedyway at incredible pizza

incredible pizza go karts

Our favorite things at Incredible Pizza were the attractions, laser tag and go kart racing. The O’Reilly Speedway at Incredible Pizza is an adorable replica of major speedways. It even includes spectator wallpaper, making you feel like you’re racing in front of a crowd! It was such a hoot and I won both races.



The laser tag room was one of the finest I have ever played in. They rooms have black lights and fun, upbeat music playing! You’ve got to try it out!20150930_180624 20150930_180117 20150930_180505




Another fun component of Incredible Pizza is their new prize center. When you pay games, you get tickets on your game card, which can be traded in from prizes. I loved the updated prize center, which allows you to walk through it like a store and get everything you want! There’s a great variety of items for kids and adults.


I loved our experience at Incredible Pizza! It was so fun and I would recommend everyone try it out!

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