Traveling Essentials Tips and Tricks


With the holidays fast approaching, travel is on the mind of many. In fact, my in-laws just flew in from Cali to visit us in the Mid-West. It was such a fun trip! Something that can make a fun trip turn into a nightmare quickly is being unprepared and rushed while packing. With family all over the US, I’ve traveled out of state four to five times per year over the past five years. That’s a lot of miles! Here’s my list of the top tricks for making travel stress free. Enjoy!

No. 1) Prepare for packing! I know how chaotic it can be- you get off of a long day’s work, to jam as many things into your bag as you can, before running out the door. Blahh, I hate it! Something that really helps me cut down on anxiety is making two lists. The first list I create is all the of all the errands or tasks I need to complete before leaving. This could include unplugging items, scheduling out my client’s social media accounts, scheduling out a reminder email for anyone who tries to contact me that I won’t be in the office, or forwarding my mail. Sky’s the limit. With everything written down at least a week before I leave, I know I won’t forget anything. The second list I create is of items I want to take with me. This is especially important during Christmas time when I have to remember to bring gifts with me! I keep this list an arm’s reach away at all times, just in case I remember something.

Here’s some free, cute to-do list printables from one of my favorite blogs, IHeart Organizing.

to do list

No. 2) Don’t over pack. The whole point of a vacation trip is to step away from the norm. Overpacking can leave you feeling tired and dreading parts of your trip. Meanwhile, when you pack light, it can make an adventure fan and make you ready for anything. One way I avoid overpacking is through using mini items. Here’s a few of my favorites.

This travel hair care set is EVERYTHING! It’s on sale through NuMe for $109. All the items are the same power/ wattage as full sized items so you know it works great. This would be a great Christmas gift. Get it here with code ONTHEGO. The sale ends 10/20 at midnight, so hurry and get yours.

travel hair care set

No. 3) It’s okay to look good. You’ve saved your money and your go the go, it’s okay to still want to look good too. I find that compact makeup works best to help my bags stay light as air. This Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette is so tiny and beautiful! It’s the perfect mix of everyday matte colors and sparkly options. It’s almost the same size as a credit card.

full exposure smashbox palette

No. 4) Get a fool-proof bag. When it comes to travel, you’ve got to have a bag you trust. My favorite bag for long trips is a hard shell suitcase. For shorter trips it’s a Victoria’s Secret weekend bag.

hard shell suitcase weekend bag

What are your tips for trips? Let me know in the comments section below.

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