Circle Chandelier Tutorial

diy chandelier tutorial

Isn’t this circle chandler adorable? It’s very easy and inexpensive to make and is a beautiful accent piece for any room.

Here’s my condensed tutorial of how I made this circular chandelier.

  • First, purchase a large amount of gradient cardstock. I got mine from Walmart.
  • With a circular cutter, cut out 25 circles of each color, and put in a stack.
  • Next, cover a sewing hoop in yarn.
  • Connect yarn from the top of the sewing hoop, to a few feet below.
  • Make a hole in the middle of each cut out circle. Thread the yard through the hole, and then tie a knot under the circle so it won’t move. Continue this pattern all the way down in a gradient.

What you are left with is a beautiful circular chandelier.

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