Adoramapix Review + Discount

adoramapix review and discount

Hi friends! A few weeks ago I shared some information on Adoramapix.  (You can read that post here) Since then, I received a metal printed picture from Adoramapix, and I wanted to share my experience with using them, in case you too were interested in purchasing a product from them too.

If you didn’t read my first post, Adoramapix  provides customers will all different kinds of picture prints, from canvas to metal. You can see their website here. I love their website because it is so easy to navigate and their are so many different options.

Working with Adoramapix was so easy! I loved that uploading photos to their website is such a breeze. There are many different coloration options for each printing. I think their were five just a for a metal printing! What’s even more helpful is that there is a brief description next to each filter letting you know when they would work best.

When placing my order, there were many different delivery options, from super fast to less expensive. Choosing one of the slower shipping options, I still received my picture within a week! It was such a nice surprise!

adoramapix review and discount

I was highly impressed with the secure packing of the metal printing I ordered. It was obvious that the company really tasks care in insuring that each product gets to the customer intact.

The coloration and quality of my metal printing was amazing! I was very impressed! Another point of the picture I was impressed with was the hardware and floating picture frame backing that came with the picture at no cost! Now, hanging the picture will be super easy.

I love my Adoramapix order and you will too. If you’re interested in ordering,  save 35% on your next metal print order with the code pxusfam35m through 12/15/15.


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