Product Review: Silk’n Go Express At Home Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal at home

It’s not cute. It’s definitely a hassle. It makes me feel less ladylike. I’m talking about body hair.

Ever since I was five years old my parents have called me Wild Thing. No, not because I’m a crazy partier or am outspoken, but because of my hair. On my head that is. My naturally wavy, very thick hair turns into an absolutely frizz-fest when  allowed to hair dry and then is brushed out. Hints the name Wild Thing. Turns out, my head isn’t the only part of my body with fast growing, course hair. So does my body.

Gahh. I hate to admit that out loud. But knowing that many other women suffer from fast-growing body hair makes me want to share this message. 

Over the years, it seems like I’ve tried all different forms of hair removal. Waxing. Shaving. Plucking. Just to name a few. But the truth is that all these options are very temporary for me, and many are uncomfortable. I found myself looking for a more permanent option, one that would either delay the growth of my hair so that I wouldn’t have to shave so often, or something that would permanently remove the hair. I looked into laser hair removal, but with multiple parts of my body needing treatments and at least $1000 per area, I thought it wasn’t a realistic option for me at this time in my life. I was super surprised and intrigued when I ran across Silk’n Go Express At Home Laser Hair Removal.

Silk’n has several light- therapy at-home laser hair removal systems. While they are still pricer than a razor and shaving cream, they are designed to give more permanent results. How cool is that? You can do treatments from home whenever you want? Plus the price tag is waaayyyy less than other laser removal options. ($299) I was in love and knew I had to try this product right away.

laser hair removal at home

Lucky for me, I was sent the Silk’n Flash&Go Express to try out from Influenster. (If you’re not familiar with what Influenster is, read this post. It’s absolutely free and they send you free products!) While I did receive this product for free, all opinions are my own and are honest. Below is a video of me unboxing the Silk’n Flash&Go Express.

Now that you’ve seen that, here’s a video of me actually using the Flash&Go system.

After using the product for several weeks, here are my honest opinion of the system:

As stated earlier, I think the idea of an at-home laser hair removal system is amazing. I really wanted this product to work for me and I was excited to use it. Unfortunately, it took about 30 minutes for me to figure out how to work the machine! It’s just point and shoot right? Wrong! My issue was that the indicator light kept saying that my skin tone was too dark, but I have super fair skin so I knew that wasn’t correct! It was infuriating! I tried it all over. (Tummy, upper lip, legs, arms) Nothing was working! I was starting to think that the system was defective. So I went online and watched review. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn anything new from watching them. Finally, after about 30 minutes, the light actually flashed after I pushed the button. To this day it still takes me multiple tries before I can get the system to work.

As for results in terms of hair growth… it should be noted that I’ve done four treatments to my underarms, legs, upper arms, and bikini line. The instructions state that I should be seeing results by now, but should see full results after eight treatments. I’m about halfway done. So far, I haven’t seen any amazing results. The system is working in slowing down the growth of some of my hair, but not completely eliminating it. My underarm hair seems to be growing at a somewhat slower pace, but all other hairy arms remain the same.

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed. I expected more, but like stated earlier I haven’t completed the full eight treatments yet. I’ll be sure to update this post with results once they are complete.

If you’re interested in buying the Silk’n Flash&Go Express system,  please feel free to use the code “NOHAIR” for 10% off. This discount code ends January 31, 2016.

If you’re interested in getting free products from Influenster, sign up here.


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