Coobie Bra Review


MORGANS.jpgIn a world of underwires sticking out, and ill fitting bras making your boobs look too perky or too droopy, when you find something you love, you stick with it. So when Coobie claimed to have the most comfortable bra in the world, I knew I had to try it!

I was sent the Coobie seamless v-neck bra, with lace, for review.




The first thing I noticed about the bra was the beautiful turquoise color. The combination of lace and turquoise make it very feminine. (which is my style!) Sometimes, I hate wearing sports bras because they are ugly, but this one really was cute enough to make me want to wear it!

Comfort: My absolute favorite thing about this bra is just how comfortable it is. It feels like you’re wearing nothing, which I love! Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into the best cleavage. I mean come on, it IS a sports bra. For me, this is the perfect bra for a lazy Saturday around the house, when I don’t care what my boobs look like.

MORGANS copy 3


Features: Both the straps and the cups are removable. I’m just busty enough that neither of these features interest me, and are a minor annoyance when washing, but for some people these are “must haves”.

Support: If you’re busty, another important thing to note is that this bra isn’t going to be supportive enough for you to work out in.

MORGANS copy 2


When I’m getting my sweat on, I want those two boulders held in place. I’ve got enough to worry about, between sweating half to death, and keeping my pace up, that I don’t want my boobs flopping around. But that’s just me…

However, if you have a smaller chest, you should have no problem at all wearing this bra to the gym.

Overall: I love the Coobie v-neck bra for wearing around the house or with pajamas. But, I’m going to stick to my Victoria Secret sports bra for gym visits.

If you’re interested in buying a Coobie bra, use the promotional code USFG30, for a 30% discount!

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