Can A Pen Really Make A Difference?



There are few situations I can think of that are more frustrating than running out of ink in your pen. Think about it…Going to casually sign the back of that check? Think again! Want to write down that person’s contact information? Nope! Guess you can’t contact them. “Write this down, it will be on the test.”-Teacher. Your pen stops writing. Ack! It’s painfully annoying!


Untitled design-2 copy.jpg

Before trying out to Zebra pens I had never put much thought into which pens were my favorite. I mean a pen’s a pen, right? Wrong!

Untitled design-2.jpg


Trying out the Zebra SARASA pens literally changed my writing game forever- and I’m not just being dramatic. These pens are the BEST I have ever used. I have used them for about two months now, and they have never ran out of ink. Additionally, they dry wicked fast (in under one second), which means they never smear! The organizer in me loves that they come is 14 vibrant colors. These colors are perfect for color coding and planning out my week in my Plum Paper Planner. Honestly, these pens glide so smoothly I find myself reaching for them every day.

Untitled design-2 copy 3.jpg

I invite you to try out the Sarasa pens. You’ll be amazed by the quality of these products.

*This post is not sponsored by Zebra pens. They did not pay me to write the above mentioned opinion. They are honestly great enough that they deserve their own blog post!

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