What’s The Deal With The Hard Candy Brand?

Hard Candy Review

I was introduced to the Hard Candy makeup brand about a year ago. Before then, I always found myself casually walking past when I would spot their newest and greatest on the cosmetics aisle. It wasn’t that the packaging wasn’t killer or that I had a bad experience with them; it was my own prejudice because I hadn’t heard anyone talking about the brand. What I found out a year ago, after trying out their foundation and setting powder, was that these products perform better than so many of my other favorite brands, for a fraction of the cost. If you too haven’t picked up Hard Candy products, I encourage you to try them out. You might just find a new favorite cosmetic product, and save some money along the way.

Untitled design-2 copy.jpg

Today, I’m really excited to share with you some of Hard Candy’s newest products; their Fierce Effects Lipstick and Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color. Here’s a little about the products and my thoughts after using them.

The Fierce Effects Lipsticks are extremely accurately named as they come in a variety of bold shade. Take your pick from the darkest black diamond to bright sunshine yellow. While I love these colors on the lips, they would also work great as an eyeshadow base for a bright, vivid eye look.

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These lipsticks were extremely comfortable to apply and wear. Each is highly pigmented and has a ultra-soft weightless texture. I really appreciated the Argan oil in each lipstick which made them extra moisturizing, even after you take off the color.


The two colors I used were sly-lac and heartbreaker. I found that heartbreaker (a light pink) was a little more wearable for everyday, but I especially love it for Spring and Summer. However, I loved the statement that I sly-lac made. It was a great addition to a natural eye look.

Untitled design-2


I also wanted to mention the packaging on the Fierce Effects Lipsticks because it may be one of my most favorite lipstick packages ever. Each is flat black with silver studs. They also feature clear plastic tops that show you which color you are using. This is the best because how many times have you picked a shade based on the color sticker, that doesn’t end up matching the actual lipstick? I know I have. Each lipstick has weight to it, making it feel more expensive. (psttt… they are only $5) I’d highly recommend these lipsticks!

Untitled design-2 copy 6.jpg

Another new product from Hard Candy is their Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color. This product is very interesting because it applies like a liquid lipstick for lip gloss with an applicator, but it wears lip a regular lipstick.

Untitled design-2 copy 4.jpg


I tried out the color Cherry Blossom. This color is so wearable, yet it makes a statement. It’s a nude-ish red color, that’s neutral enough that it can go with many different makeup looks. The first thing that I noticed about this product was the smell- it smells like cake! ( I would buy this product for the smell alone. Sometimes I like to just smell it and not apply it.) Seriously, I can’t overstate how good it smells.

Untitled design-2 copy 5.jpg

The applicator on this product is a little different than any other I’ve seen. It’s thin and long and makes application a breeze. Whoever names this product did a great job because this product really does feel like velvet while on your lips, it’s comfortable to wear and not drying. However, I find that it is a little more messy than regular lipstick because of its liquid form.

Untitled design-2 copy 3.jpg

Both of these products were total hits for me. If you’re interested in exploring Hard Candy makeup yourself, you can find these products at your local Walmart.

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