Top Home Projects with Chalkboard Paint

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Chalkboard paint is taking over the DIY side of the internet, and it’s no wonder why. Not only are chalkboard treatments elegant and retro-chic, they are useful, too! Because we’re on the chalkboard paint bandwagon at Modernize, here are a few of our favorite DIY projects.

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Write On the Walls: If you ever tire of telling the kiddos not to write on the walls—go ahead and let them next time! Stop scrubbing crayon off the baseboards and think outside the box. Tape off a section of the wall with painter’s tape, then give it a coat of primer, a few coats of chalkboard paint, and voila! You have a new canvas for your little Picassos.

Turning your wall into a chalkboard is exciting for the little ones, but it’s practical for the whole family. Leave messages to your sweetie or remind your loved ones of upcoming events. Have fun and forget the rules!

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What’s This Called?: Using chalkboard labels is a creative way to identify dishes at a party. Paint your tabletop with chalkboard paint and write directly on the furniture, or make chalkboard easels to label each dish. You won’t have to worry about guests breaking up the party to ask what each menu item is called. You can even identify vegetarian or dairy-free options with your labels. Chalkboard paint can go a long way at a party, from decor to functionality. You may still have to answer Aunt Sally’s awkward love life questions, though.

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Family Management: Can’t keep track of ballet recitals, band practices, and softball games? Create a chalkboard calendar in the office or kitchen, and you’ll never have another mix-up. You can even make notes about what you need to bring, whether it’s the purple ballet costume or an extra set of cleats.

If you’re overwhelmed with laundry and dishes, divvy out chores to the family on a chalkboard sign. Display one in each child’s room as a friendly reminder. Make it fun with colorful chalk and a reward for crossing off each task.

Surfing Pinterest for dinner ideas is a great way to plan for the future, but take it a step further by setting up a chalkboard menu in your kitchen and filling it out at the beginning of the week. This will serve as a quick reminder on busy nights and keep everyone from asking “What’s for dinner?”

DIY options for chalkboard paint are nearly limitless, but it’s great for creating lists, calendars, labels, and anything else that constantly changes. Have fun creating some fun projects with your family. We won’t tell them they may end up with more chores!

When you’re not hosting a get-together, you can label herbs and plants with chalkboard signs. The beauty of this technique is that you can erase these labels and update them as needed. It’s more efficient than print or sticker labels, and who has time to continuously update those, anyway?

This is a guest post by Bryn Huntpalmer.

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Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an editor and writer for with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.

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