DIY Fall Pumpkin Tower


I’m absolutely obsessed with all things Fall- the weather, scents, food, and events. Any other Fall lovers out there? So when the Fall decor started to stock the shelves a few weeks ago- I went bonkers looking at it and buying a few pieces. Like Bath and Body Works’ Fall scents- who can live without those? Not me! So of course after being inspired by all the cute Fall decor in stores, I had to dig mine out of storage, put it up, and then plan my next DIY Fall decor. Too early? I don’t think so.

Fall home decor


What I love about Fall decor is that you can keep it out from September 1st until November 31st. (My husband is obsessed with Christmas so you better bet he’s pulling out the Christmas decorations December 1st.) Because I try to live my life as stress-free as possible, when creating decor I try to make it work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. This project does both! And I made it for under $10. Double win! If you have a Dollar Store near you and a spot needing decorating in your house, you’re good to go.  Let’s get onto the craft.


Everything you’ll need for the craft:

  • 4 foam pumpkins (I picked mine up from the Dollar Tree. You can add more for a taller pumpkin tower)
  • 3 skewers (These can be found at any grocery store.)
  • Hot glue gun + gun
  • Plate or glass plate candle holder (I picked mine up from the Dollar Tree)
  • Spray paint

To make the pumpkin tower:

  • Start by heating up your hot glue gun. Once it has reached its max heat setting, glue the bottom of your first pumpkin to the glass candle holder.


  • Place one skewer near the center of your glued down pumpkin. Because these pumpkins are made of foam, they can easy be manipulated and sticking them with the skewers should be a breeze.


  • Slide the skewer through another pumpkin, in the same spots as the first pumpkin. For extra stability, place a layer of hot glue between the first and second pumpkin.



  • Continue step three for an many pumpkins as you would like on your tower. Make sure that you either plan beforehand, or cut the skewers so they do not go completely through the last pumpkin, but instead stop about halfway.


  • Once all the hot glue has dried, spray paint your pumpkins with a metallic gold spray paint. Spray paint is available at local home improvement stores for a minimal cost. Make sure you are at least 8″ away from the tower while spraying it, as the spray paint can have a corrosive effect on the foam. (You’ll notice this a little in the photos)



You’re done! This simple and fast project is perfect for everyone! Looking for more Halloween DIY projects? See the following posts.

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