Hard Candy Holiday Sets: Smokey Eye Collection



Are you looking for an affordable gift for a makeup loving friend? Or, would you like to experiment with makeup without spending a fortune? If you answered yes to one of these questions, the Hard Candy Holiday Sets may be the answer. Hard Candy is a very affordable makeup company that can be found in drug stores like Walmart. They have a large selection of holiday collections that allow you to purchase multiple makeup products in one pack, for a discounted price. I had the opportunity to try out the Hard Candy Smokey Eye Collection and am here to report the details back to you.


What’s included in the kit:

-Eye shadow primer

-Eye shadow palette with five shadows

-Eye shadow brush

-Liquid eyeliner


-Pencil eyeliner

-Two liquid lipsticks


Price: $9.88


Here’s what I thought of each of these products:


Eye Shadow Primer 

Having never tried an eye shadow primer from Hard Candy before, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Applying the Hard Candy eye shadow primer is as easy as swiping it across your eyelid with a finger, so anyone can use it. I loved the consistency and ease of application. While wearing it I found that my eye makeup lasted longer than it would have without it.


Eye Shadow Palette

There are two Smokey Eye Collection palettes to choose from, brown and black/purple. I got to try out the black and dark plum shades and was extremely happy with their pigmentation and long wearing ability.


Liquid Eyeliner

This may be my favorite product from the entire holiday set. I found the brush on this liquid eyeliner extremely easy to use, so much so that I believe everyone can use it. The end result was long wearing and matte. This is the perfect product for everyday use.



I found this mascara very voluminous, but not very long wearing. If you’re new to makeup it may be a great practice product.


Pencil Eyeliner

The eyeliner was extremely easy to use and great for create a smokey look, as it’s easy to smudge. It also works great as a base before applying the black eye shadow on top.


Liquid Lipsticks

Unfortunately, the liquid lipsticks weren’t my favorite products. They were extremely pigmented. However, I prefer non-transfering lipstick, which wasn’t the cause with these liquid lipsticks.


Overall Opinion:  These are great products for a great price! I highly recommend this holiday set for a gift of “treat yo self” buy. You can pick up this holiday set, and others from Hard Candy at Walmart.


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