What’s New At The Drugstore Spring 2017

Do you love looking at the new makeup and accessory at the drugstore? I know that’s my favorite part of grocery shopping. There’s something so alluring about the lighted vanity selection, bright colors, and “new” labels. While it can be fun to look, sometimes shopping for a new makeup item can be hard. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which items are worth your money and which are a waste of funds. As you continue to read this post you’ll find my honest opinions on the new products I’ve tried and weather you should spend or save on them.


Kandy Johnson Nail Polish Release

Kandy Johnson is such an energetic and entertaining beauty vlogger. If you haven’t seen her videos you should definitely check out her YouTube channel! I really trust her recommendations on beauty products and see her as an authority, since she’s been doing makeup and beauty applications for many years. So, when I heard she was coming out with a Sinful Colors collaboration I was super excited! Her line includes “sugar” and matte colors.


All of the colors I received from her collection were very wearable and perfect for everyday.


Oil Slick Lip Gloss From Hard Candy

For your inner mood ring lover, Hard Candy has created a color changing lip gloss! This “blooming” lip product changes from a dark, almost black purple to a magenta pink!


The lip gloss applicator is a little deceiving. From the sneezy tube packaging I thought the product would be applied right one your lips, however, once you screw off the lid a doe foot applicator is provided. This applicator is great because it allows for precision.


Once you apply this product it will be a very dark, high shine lip gloss. The first time I tried it, I expected it turn pink right away. That wasn’t the case. As long as the product is on your lips it will remain dark purple. Once the initial product has worn off, that is when the pink stain on the lips will shine through. Having used this product a few times, I can say that I enjoy the lip stain color a lot more than the color in the initial application. It should be noted that the stain will stay all day/ night!

Turn Me Matte Drops From Hard Candy


I was super excited to try out these “mattifying” mix-in drops from Hard Candy. My skin has changed a lot of over the recent years and I’ve found that matte eyeshadows and foundations are my best friends. These liquid mattifier drops can be added to any moisturizer or foundation to leave a matte finish on skin, reduce pores, and control oil for all day wear. (Who doesn’t want all these things?!) These can be used alone, under makeup, or mixed into your current favorite liquid makeup. Plus, at only $6, I had to give these drops a try!


I was let down to find out that this product didn’t work well for me. I tried it as a topper for my normally “wet” looking foundation, and as a mix-in with the foundation before application. During both tries, the Turn Me Matte Drops separated from the foundation, removing the already applied product, and making application a nightmare. It should also be noted that the product has a very strong paint smell, which makes it hard to wear and me weary about applying it to my face.

New Color Correction Collection From Hard Candy

Color correction has been a trending topic on many beauty bloggers posts and Instagram videos. Having seen so many beautiful transformations using these products, I was excited to try out Hard Candy’s affordable color correction line.


Something I appreciated about these products, from the start, were the three different forms they came in. In Hard Candy’s line there is a “expert stick” (aka crayon), expert creme (aka brush one applicator), and color correcting primers. I think that providing color correcting products in three forms allows everyone to find a method that works best for them and that they are comfortable with.


I found that application of all three products was very easy, perfect for every skill level. The color correctors dried quickly after application. My favorites out of the line were the expert stick and expert cremes, as I found they provided the most consistent coverage. The  color correcting primers dried streaky on my face. When I applied a full coverage foundation over top, the streaks were noticeable through the foundation. However, with the expert stick and creme, I could not see them under my foundation. I feel that the color correction was subtle, but did help to reduce the redness on my face.


If you’re looking to start using color correctors, I encourage you to try out Hard Candy’s products. They have a color range for every skin tone.

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