Nitro World Games 2017 Review – A Look Into VIP Treatment

A few weeks ago I posted this blog post mentioning that the Nitro World Games were coming to Salt Lake City for the second year in a row. I had the opportunity to attended and it was amazing! Through this blog post I’ll tell you about my experience and honest thoughts on the competition.

The Nitro Games were hosted at the University of Utah’s Rice- Eccles Stadium. We arrived early to ensure seating and get the full experience. Having never attended the games before I didn’t know what to expect. Once we arrived we navigated to the press area so that I could pick up my tickets. Through the press tickets we were able to enter in a special doorway for VIP guests. It should be said that I’ve never had the opportunity to have special tickets to any event before, so this experience was very exciting to me. Once we got to the main floor we couldn’t find section C anywhere, so I asked an attendant where our seats were located. The attendant pointed to the very top, box seats. BOX SEATS?! I almost squealed with excitement.

Our seats were only accessible through an elevator, so we rode to the very top floor and got off. Upon arrival, we were issued special wrist bands that gave us full access to the VIP experience. We got to peek into the box seats that included personal TVS, food, and couches. We also had access to the banquet hall that hosted large projected screens that showed all the action from the Nitro World games as it happened. The banquet hall was especially gorgeous because it showed a view overlooking Salt Lake City. Our seats were located between private box seats, and were open to the outdoors. I prefered these seats over private box seats because you can hear the crowd cheering and join in on their excitement, and you get to site by new people and make friends who also enjoy the Nitro World Games. That brings me to one of my most exciting moments, we ended up sitting next to Aaron ‘Crum’ Sauvage from Nitro Circus! It was completely by accident, but we were totally excited!



aaron crum sauvage

We enjoyed way too much free soda, unlimited tacos, and delicious desserts as we viewed the excitement of the Nitro World Games. In my opinion, everyone should attend the Nitro Wold Games at least once in their life. There was a great mixture of activities and events, so there’s something for everyone. I was also plesantly surprised to find out that there wasn’t any foul language being used at the event and it was completely family friendly.

nitro circus review

I would like to provide a big thank you to both the Nitro World Games and US Family Guides for providing me with access to this event. My husband and I will be attending next year for sure. For more information on Nitro, visit their website here.

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