Mouth Watering Swaii Recipe

Have you ever had a cooked fish that was so flaky and delicious that you dream about it for days? If not, you should! You don’t have to live by an ocean to cook delicious seafood in your home. Today I’ll be sharing my family’s go-to Swaii fish recipe. It’s super fast, ridiculously affordable, and packed with mouth-watering flavor.

While many would say that fresh fish is the best fish, frozen fish can be much faster, and easier to prepare. One of my favorite frozen meats is Swaii. A large bag is available in the frozen foods section for only $10.

Like all my weeknight go-to recipes, this Swaii is easy and quick to repair. If I know I want to make this recipe the night before, I’ll pull out the inidivually wrapped fillets from the freezer the night before, and place them in the fridge. If it’s the day of and I’m frantically looking for something to satisfy my hangry nature I’ll pull two fillets out of the freezer, and soak the bags in warm water. With this recipe, the fish cook more evenly when they are completely thawed, but it isn’t essential to success.


  1. Take your fillets and put them between your Cave Tools fish basket. (Or any other fish basket you have.) This basket is available on Amazon, here. I’ve come to trust the Cave Tools brand. Each product I’ve tried by them is very high quality and performs to the standards they display on their website. Here’s a few facts about this product that keep me reaching for it frequently:
  • It is constructed from stainless steel so there’s no question if it’s keeping my food sanitary.

  • This backet model can be used on the grill, when I’m really hangry and want food fast, or in the stove, letting the fish get crispy skin.
  • There’s no more fish sticking to the grill, it keeps everything safely off the burner.

  • It’s dishwasher safe! Who has time to wash this stuff by hand?

  1. Prepare the outside of your fish for flavor. Spread butter on the top side of your fish, and then season with Ol’ Bay Seasoning. If you haven’t ever used Ol’ Bay Seasoning on seafood before, you’ll want to try it today. Don’t walk to the grocery store, run. It’s that good.

    3. Secure the closure on the Cave Tools fish basket and place the basket atop a cook sheet with a Silpat liner, if cooking in the oven. It makes cleanup a breeze. For grill cooking, right atop the grill.

4. Cook fish on grill until they are cooked through and have a light golden outside. If cooking in the oven cook at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

5. Be sure to serve with fresh lemon wedges to squeeze overtop.

Enjoy your delicious fish! If you love grilling out, be sure to see Cave Tools over bbq tools here: If you’d like to purchase your own fish basket from Cave Tools, feel free to use the coupon code “FISH15” to save 15% off!

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